Gates Open
- 8.00am
Registration from: 8:00am

Show Time –SUNDAY 1st OCTOBER 2017
10:00am – 2:00pm. Presentation at 2:00pm

Conditions Of Entry

  1. Show Time - Sunday 1st October 2017. 10:00am – 2:00pm. Presentation at 2:00pm

  2. Move out time – Is after presentations. No vehicles, goods or parts of displays are permitted to be moved from the grounds during show time unless authorised by the marshals.

  3. Entry fee - $15.00 on the day. All entrants are required to read the Conditions of Entry and the Category Guidelines before filling out the Registration Form.

  4. Payment- Cheque or direct deposit to Forbes MotorShow Inc. as per details on the Registration Form – or cash on the day.

  5. Entries Closing Time – 10:00am Sunday 1st October 2017

  6. On arrival - All vehicles must follow instruction from a Forbes MotorShow Marshall to a designated parking area. ALL Entrants then need to proceed to the Registration Tent, to complete the registration process. There will be two stations Pre-Registered and on the Day Entries. Here you will be given your allocated number and any other information you may require. If you don’t have a number – you will not be judged.

  7. Display conditions - All entries are required to display vehicles in a professional manner. The use of angled displays will be at the discretion of the Forbes MotorShow committee. A sign giving details of the vehicle is permitted inside the perimeter of the display area. A roped area around the vehicle is permitted providing the posts or pegs are not driven into the ground more than 12cm. A number plate size sign is permitted on vehicles for sale and a phone number. All vehicles are required to remain stationary at all times.

  8. Vehicles on the Ground - Only entrant’s vehicles are permitted on the ground. All other vehicles must be parked off the showing area grounds. All support vehicles must be removed by 9.30am.

  9. Club displays - Vehicles that are to be displayed together are required to arrive together. This ensures there is enough room for the display.

  10. Enquiries on the day - Stewards will be available at the administration tent to answer any questions, as will Marshals that will be easily recognised with appropriate vests.

  11. Registration and entry numbers - Current registration and the Entrant Number must be displayed on the windscreen at all times. Vehicles not registered are permitted, but must be towed or pushed onto and around the grounds.

  12. Judging - All judges decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into. Judging will commence at 10.00am. Boots, bonnets and doors must be unlocked at all times. If a vehicle is not accessible, the judge will assume the entrant has declined to be judged. If access is restricted, please inform stewards at registration. No movement of vehicles is permitted without direction and approval from a Forbes MotorShow Committee Member.

  13. Presentation - Presentations will be at 2:00pm. All vehicles are to remain in position, until after the presentations have been completed. All winners should make themselves available for photos after the presentations. The Forbes MotorShow reserves the right to use photos of vehicles and participants for promotional and advertising purposes.

  14. Categories - A minimum of 3 (three) vehicles must be nominated in each category to proceed. If less than 3 (three) vehicles nominated in each category, the Forbes MotorShow reserves the right to combine categories on the day.

  15. Cancellation - No refund will be given if an entrant fails to attend on the day.

  16. Insurance - The committee and/or Forbes MotorShow shall not be liable or accept any responsibility for any, loss, theft, or damage to anyone’s property. All entrants are to have their own insurance. All entrants will be liable and held responsible for any damage or personal damage caused to any other person or property belonging to others. Any deliberate damage done to the grounds or to other persons property, will be dealt with and made good by such persons, (including entrants), to the satisfaction of the Forbes MotorShow committee Inc. Prosecutions may arise from such acts.

  17. Disclaimer Forms - All entrants are to complete a disclaimer form. Registration will not be accepted, if the disclaimer form has not been fully completed and submitted.

  18. First Aid - A first aid station within the venue will be manned for the duration of the show.

  19. Sound systems - Sound systems may only be turned on for the purpose of judging and must be switched off at all other times.

  20. Hoons – Any person caught driving in a “hoon” manner, will be reported to the Police and dealt with accordingly. This person will also be banned from any future events. The future of the show will not be put at risk by this type of behaviour. Entrants are asked to conduct themselves in a sensible manner during the weekend

For Further Information:
Contact: Forbes MotorShow Inc
PO Box 790
Forbes NSW 2871
P: 02 6852 3001
F: 02 6852 3001